Free LIVE training- Let's dive into what self-care looks like on a practical level! Look at 12 areas of your life and how to find the peace you desire! 

Caring for Your Whole Self Workshop

Replay will be sent out after if you can't come live- but you should try because it will be way more fun! Hosted by Tami, Restoration and Confidence Coach

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.

What is WHOLE SELF Care? And why should I sign up for this workshop?

- Whole Self Care is taking care of more than just your immedate needs

- Whole Self Care is a crafted plan to take care of your needs daily rather than self-triage  when you are exhausted and overworked

- Whole Self Care is looking at 12 domains of your life and being intentional about them- gently

- Why should you sign up? Because if you are like me you LOVE the people around you, but you know that to love them well something has to change. 

-Plus this is going to be fun! Promise! This will eliminate guilt and shame. You get to define what  your needs are! 

Let's Do This!