Are you ready to stop surviving and THRIVE through loss?


Professional Christian Life Coaching that helps find restoration, confidence, clarity, and joy to not just live BUT THRIVE!!! 

How to take your Spirit from Broken to Beautiful!!

Are you broken-spirited?

Do you feel like you are in a season of transition or change?  Are you going through a season of grief and loss?  Have you lost a loved one or gone through a divorce or even loss of a dream? Have you lost your job or decided it is time for a change? Do you feel broken, stuck and overwhelmed and need help finding purpose or direction? My name is Tami and I am a Professional Christian Life coach.  I take a personal approach to coaching, helping people grow as they heal and push past their new normal to a life they desire.   I like to help others find the hope and opportunities hidden in their stories and finally start to see the possibilities.  I can’t wait to hear your story and help you discover your inner desires and dreams. 

You may not be going through a tough season but looking for personal transformation.  Do want to gain insight to why you do what you do?  By looking at your life through the lens of the Enneagram you can begin to understand your decisions based on your core fears and motivations.  I am a Certified Enneagram Coach and can help you gain valuable insight to who God created you to be.  I can help you learn self-compassion and how to have compassion for others.  I can help you look at yourself in a new way and use your core fears and motivations to become who you want to be.   

Life is more than just what we go through- it is about what we GROW through!

Hi! My name is Tami I am an Air Force Veteran, Air Force Widow, and mother of 2.  I am a Christ-follower and prayer warrior.  I believe we all have opportunities and hope in every circumstance we face. I believe that each day we have a choice on how we respond to things- each day is a chance to choose joy. I believe that we do not have to change ourselves but really CHANGE HOW WE SEE OURSELVES!!

I believe that things are not happenstance.  I truly believe that everything has a purpose and a reason- that sometimes we need to step outside of our situations to see them.


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